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One Screen, Unlimited Information

Reporting for Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

More insight, meaningful information, and actionable alerts. A simple-to-use system that keeps you connected.

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Avoid Spending Time Reading Reports. You Will Get The Required Information Directly.

You shouldn't be overwhelmed by data from a remote patient monitoring solution. You should be able to access the data you need and receive timely, relevant information from it.

That's the power of Chronica dashboard RPM solution.

Through Chronica, you and your team can view all of your connected patients from a single screen. With a single click, you can access information and be notified when you need to.

You can access information at any time. Your expertise handles the rest.

Information Is Power

What can our dashboard do for you? Everything your patients require.


Receive Alerts 

We'll receive an alert allowing us to intervene and escalate as necessary whenever a patient's readings exceed thresholds. You will be informed appropriately.


Examine Patterns

You can monitor a patient's progress or modify a care plan if intervention is required by observing fluctuations in their readings.


Get Information

There is no paperwork. No bulky files. You can quickly access a patient's information when they call or come in, saving staff resources overall.


Know your patients

You don't have to start from scratch every time you visit patients. Just see their most recent health metrics in real-time with a dashboard that's simple to use.

How Reporting Keeps You In Touch

Every reading is important. However, all your provider needs to know is what's most important.


Chronica RPM dashboard gives your provider quick access to the information that matters most to them. When they see you, they can see long-term trends and get alerts if something needs to be done right away. To keep in touch with your doctor, you don't have to be there all the time.

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Expand Your Reach With Monitoring Assistance

Your dashboard does a great job of collecting data.

There is no need for it to be overwhelming. You only need to see what matters most because our team keeps an eye on the data that comes in and helps to encourage participation.

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