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Hospitals and Health Systems

Thanks to the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) system support, the Chronica platform is Health System ready.

Improve Clinical Outcomes, At Scale

We make it possible for remote care teams to regularly coach and communicate with patients. At the same time, we monitor and coach patients on how to manage vital signs and take their medications. Exists no remote care team? Make use of our LN-led monitoring service to facilitate a patient-centered remote care experience and lessen administrative burdens.

Health System Ready

Our platform has tools for sharing data between multiple teams and locations, tracking eligible time among various staff types, and comparing care team performance. In a matter of weeks, data can be synced to nearly all major electronic health record (EHR) systems thanks to existing integrations.

Growth and Financial Stability

Medicare and private insurance cover remote patient monitoring, which not only benefits your patients but also boosts your bottom line. Hospitals and health systems are increasingly interested to use RPM as a differentiator to improve patient engagement and loyalty.

Improve your patient care.

You'll learn from our experts how to set up a profitable remote patient monitoring program that improves patient outcomes, boosts profitability, and raises patient satisfaction.

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