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Monitoring Patients

We'll handle incoming data. You take care of your patients.

A lot of data is generated by remote patient monitoring solutions, but we'll deal with it.

By having an RPM solution in place, you get more insights into your patient’s health. You can even connect with patients.

The only drawback is that your staff may find it overwhelming due to the continuous data generation.

It is not required to be. At Chronica, we keep an eye on your patients' incoming data so that you don't have to. We only report what really matters. 

Our objective is to be a complement to your practice. You don't have to hire new employees or make existing ones work harder. That is our assurance.

Using Glucometer at Home

How We Take Care of Your Data Monitoring

Our program is created with your practice in mind. We are here to carry out our work in the shadows and bring you what matters to you.

  • A team designated to your practice 

  • Customized workflow 

  • Filtering to bring emergencies to your attention 

  • Customized sections based on urgency 

  • Nobody ought to be kept in the dark. We'll highlight what really matters.

With safe monitoring, we save your team time and practice money.

At Chronica, we pay attention to two things: your privacy as well as your health.

Our monitoring team sends raw data to the secure dashboard of your chosen provider, not patient information. To ensure the safety of your data, we go above and beyond existing privacy laws. 

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